I got stuck in the mud while riding my quad bike out to drop off some fish guts. There were 4 teenagers sitting on the beach that noticed my trouble. Often today’s teenagers would just sit there and laugh – but not these guys; they happily came over to give their time and muscle to get me unstuck. Nice eh!

Ordinarily, when someone helps me out I would buy them a bottle of wine as a gift or a bunch of flowers if they were inclined to appreciate that type of gift. But these guys were too young for that so I thought about what I could buy online and have delivered to their parent’s house as a thank you. Teenagers all like chocolate, biscuits, cake and all kinds of goodies so I figured this was a perfect solution. So after a quick Google, I found an online gift basket site that had a good selection and chose a hamper with mostly sweet products in it.

gift basket
The basket I sent

This is what I sent, it was well received and reminded me that it is so easy to take others’ generosity for granted. How easy was it for me to do a quick search online and find a suitable present for these guys. Update: I recently needed to find a suitable flower site in Australia for a thank-you gift. This one lets you search for an online florist in the header of the site